HR Policy and Procedures

HR Policy and Procedures are the backbone of your HR system. Human Management Solutions can develop industry and organisational specific reference documents that can then be referred to in employment contracts, employee handbooks and client agreements.

We can design a suite of policy and procedures that include associated forms, guidelines and training materials. These documents are then used for:

  • Induction of new employees

  • Referencing in all relevant company documentation

  • Specific training in key areas.

  • For insurance to mitigate risk.

  • Evidence of safe practices

  • Information for client tenders and agreements

  • A ‘how to’ guide for managing areas of the business and employees.


HR policies and procedures are important to help set expectations for employees and give clarity. An organisations policies and procedures are often referenced in a court of law when an employee is unfairly dismissed or if an employee seeks legal help or arbitration.


The contents of your HR system will depend on the needs of the business but should contain as a minimum:

  • Employment Contracts

  • Employee induction policy, procedure and forms

  • Remuneration Policy, terms and conditions

  • Probation and Performance Appraisal Policy, procedures and forms

  • Leave policy (annual, lsl, personal, sick etc.) procedures and forms

  • EEO policy

  • Grievance policy, procedure and forms

  • Professional Development policy, procedure and forms

  • Code of Conduct policy

  • Performance Management policy, procedure and forms

  • Termination policy, procedure and forms


Human Management Solutions can document a complete system or review and enhance your current system. We have a number of templates that are legally compliant that can be adapted to fit your industry and workforce at a cost effective rate.


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