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Human Management Solutions provides a broad menu of Human Resource Services for companies. It is our objective to provide the best solution for you and your company depending on the size of your business and the employee and operational requirements. We can provide all of the regulatory requirements and support necessary for HR support and guidelines in today’s business environment. To learn about each of our services review the information below.



"Jodie Rowell from Human Management Solutions has helped us to improve our systems and build our capacity with HR policy and practice. For organisations that are medium size like ours, it is difficult to have the necessary skills and expertise in HR and recruitment in-house. Jodie provides those services in a professional and competent manner with a minimum of fuss."

Peter See, CEO - Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa

Compliance Audit



The Human Resource Compliance Audit or "HR Health Check", provides an independent appraisal of your HR Practices to identify areas of compliance and/or non-compliance, and provide a plan for you to mitigate risk.

Strategy and Culture



Sometimes a fresh set of unbiased eyes are needed when assessing the strategy and culture of an organisation. We can analyse your current culture, work practices and strategy to see where the ‘disconnect’ is. Once we have the results we can then work with you to not only create the culture you need we can also help you develop the strategy you want!

HR Policy & Procedures



HR Policy and Procedures are the backbone of your HR system. Human Management Solutions can develop industry and organisational specific reference documents that can then be referred to in employment contracts, employee handbooks and client agreements.

HR Consulting



Human Resource Consulting Services offers you a highly skilled Human Resource consultant to work either full time, part-time or ad hoc, assisting you in developing and implementing your Human Resource Programs.

Employment Contracts



We will tailor the employment contract to be compliant with Australian workplace legislation that is relevant to your business. You may also require schedules and commission/bonus schemes to be documented with terms and conditions to mitigate risk to the organisation.

Employee Handbook Development

An Employee Handbook will clearly and simply present the organisation’s philosophy, objectives, policies, employee benefits and other aspects of the employment relationship. In addition, it will provide a convenient reference to help guide employees and management in their various relationships.

Management & Employee Training



It is in the area of communicating and interacting with other people that a manager can be severely tested. In fact, it is the manager’s ability to perform in this area that usually spells the difference between success and failure in his or her job as well as creating a suitable work environment for employees.

Performance Appraisal



Effective Performance Management is provided through the implementation of a comprehensive system with guidelines, methods, strategies and tools for managers to utilise in performing these functions.

Job Descriptions



The correct job description will allow the company to properly set the objectives for that role and assure that they are congruent with the objectives and goals of the company. The proper job description will allow the employee to understand their role and allow both the company and manager to properly assess their performance in that role.

Outsourced Recruitment Program



We can provide innovative and scalable staffing solutions to companies of any size. We provide our clients with an alternative to standard contingency and retained agency fees by utilising one or more of our recruiters on an hourly basis.

Background Investigations



The recruitment process is a two-way street, but there are many challenges faced by employers in finding the right employees. A good-looking resume doesn’t just make the cut as there are many other aspects that need to be considered in sifting through the recruiting process.

Psychometric Testing



Our psychometric testing processes utilise the DISC Behaviour Analysis and Myers Briggs Type Indicator to analyse employees, both individually and in a group environment. These assessments provide insight and communication strategies to get the most out of your employees.

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